How To: Rethink Spaces

It’s that time of year again when visceral yearnings for warm weather start up.  Personally, I like to make little changes around my living spaces to get through the last few weeks of winter, before I can change gears and spring clean.

One of the small tweaks I like to make is to change out the magazine pages from the mosaic of frames in my bathroom. Since I was a preteen, I have always loved to flip through all the top fashion magazines for the advertisements and fashion editorials, collecting my favorites. It then occurred to me a few years ago to use my resources and creatively display these clippings to decorate large open wall spaces, hence the pictures below.

Not only is my idea budget friendly (I bought each of the frames for $2.99 at Michael’s craft store), but I now have the liberty to change the vibe of an entire room by adding more fierce/feminine/sensual/rocker/etc. images.

{fun fact: my bathroom wall was part of the inspiration for this blog}

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