Spotlight Special: Preservation Hall

The birthplace of Jazz.

Situated between the notoriously infamous Bourbon Street and museum-quality antique shops of Royal Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter district, is a small wooden room built in 1750. Although the hall was not officially established until 1961, when there it is the ultimate time trip to the early 20th century (yet post Brown v. Board of Education, obviously).

Seven nights a week, 364 days a year, a seven piece jazz band celebrates New Orleans Jazz in 45 minutes increments from 8-11pm. New Orleans Jazz is special because it has deep-south soul, mixed with a little rock-n-roll.  Unlike concerts today that are rehearsed and such productions, at Preservation Hall between each set the band asks each other what song they feel like playing next, or the crowd for suggestions. And trust me… they know how to play aaanything.

It is always first come until capacity each hour, sans reservations, so plan to stand in line for a while.

For more information and history, check out Preservation Hall’s WEBSITE.

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