Obsession of the Day: Circa 1950s Purses

Following the great depression and two world wars in the first half of the 20th century, the fabulous fifties in the United States was a unique and innovative time in history. Without war rations, it was the first time most Americans had the time, energy, money and limitless resources to experiment with, thus giving birth to the ‘American Dream’.

Boasting a better quality of life and new fashions, the 1950s could almost be considered a modern day renaissance… which is why I am obsessed with accessories from this decade. Below are some of the amazing styles and trends from the 1950s.

Neiman Marcus Etched Sterling Silver Purse With Silver Chain Handle. I actually found this little slice of heaven in a random vintage store in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. (Background is a close-up of the etching patterns).

The rest of the purses featured in this post I inherited from my paternal grandmother in the last few years of her life.

Original Rialto N.Y. Lucite box purse with marble, pearlized, and opaque plastic details

Pearls hand-beaded onto satin sweetheart clutch

Close-up of pearls beaded onto satin.

Hand-beaded satin clutch

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