How To: Maximize Your Carry-On

From family vacations and excursions with friends to jet setting for work, I would consider myself a frequent traveler who loves to over-pack {what can I say… a girl needs options}. From all these trips, trial and error has taught me how to maximize space in my carry-on suitcase to avoid having to pay the extra checked baggage fees. From one traveler to another, here are some tricks I have learned over the years that will save you the hassle of checking bags, as well as the extra fees.

1. Wear your bulkiest layers on the plane {especially jackets}.  You can always count on planes to be cold, and many economy cabins do not offer pillows or blankets anymore {without a surcharge}.  Jackets and sweaters are bulky, and easily double as a pillow or blanket… not to mention are easily transportable {ie- on your back}.

2. Roll- don’t fold- jeans, PJs, t-shirts, etc. Rolling garments offers more space and less wrinkles.*

3. Stuff shoes. Socks, toiletries and active wear work great.

4. Use clear, plastic bags to safeguard anything prone to snagging {knits and lace}, leaking {liquids, gels}, or running {suede shoes, colored pants you have only washed a couple times, etc}.

5. Don’t forget travel sized items of all things required {liquids, gels, lotions, etc.}

6. When traveling for an extended period of time, and there is a need for multiple outfits, try to pack all neutrals {black, white, beige, browns, greys} so mixing and matching is easy.

* Get to your destination and find all your clothes to be wrinkled?  Hang them up in the bathroom and shut the door while you shower. The steam from the hot water will relax the creases out. 


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