How To: Dress For Someone Else’s Wedding

Recently, I have been receiving numerous questions along the lines of “What should I wear to my friend’s wedding?” Having attended 3 different bridal showers and 2 weddings so far this wedding season {not to mention am part of  one of my best friend’s bridal party  next month- shout out to my girl Carrie!}, I have had the luxury to explore different types of attire for the purpose of celebrating a couple’s love for each other.

Before anything else, when planning out outfits, take a few major details into consideration:

1. Where is the wedding/reception? (inside/outside, at a paved or carpeted location/in sand or grass)

2. What is the attire? If not clearly stated on the invitation, take hint from it. Invitations are the best way to get a feel of what the wedding will be like {colors, themes, religion, etc).

3. Day or night?

After reflecting on these points also refer back to ATM’s tips about location appropriate footwear HERE! (for instance, you probably should opt for wedges as opposed to stilettos if you know you are going to be standing in grass all day- unless you really like balancing on your toes for extended periods of time).

Now that the basics have been covered, I have put together a series of wedding outfit ideas below based on general wedding settings and attires from day time to black tie… Chin chin!

Day Time Dressy: Hats are not required {unless you’re invited to a Royal British wedding}, but nuptial celebrations are the perfect excuses to rock fancy headwear.

Garden Chic: Ladylike, daytime, rustic bliss. Wedges not only compliment these floral looks, but add practically when having to trek over grass, dirt, roots, rocks and hills.


Evening Formal: If the reception is at night and attire is not explicit, you have free reign to play with length and embellishment. If in doubt, cocktail dresses work great.


Black Tie: Contrary to popular belief, when an event is black tie, floor length gowns are a must. Think Hollywood red carpet.

To shop any of the looks above, please visit ATM’s polyvore profile page here.

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