Obsession of the Day: Spec’d Out

Spec'd Out
Spec’d Out. Sunglasses are an obvious daytime staple year-round no matter your style, taste, or budget- think protection if nothing else. During the summer months when the weather allows you to comfortable venture outside, it is the perfect time of year to play around with crazy cool shades. The more unique. the better is my philosophy.  Shop the frames:

Juicy couture jewelry
$30 – juicycouture.com

Glass necklace
€39 – modekungen.se

Mykita glass shades
$525 – openingceremony.us

Ksubi circular sunglasses
$309 – superette.co.nz

Prada glass shades
$270 – forzieri.com

Alexander wang sunglasses
€268 – antonioli.eu

Alexander Wang black sunglasses
€259 – jades24.com

Retrosun butterfly sunglasses
$149 – my-wardrobe.com

Prada blue shades
213 – sunglasses-shop.co.uk

Karen walker sunglasses
$180 – farfetch.com

TopShop mirrored sunglasses
$45 – topshop.com

Glass shades
15 – mylabel.co.uk

Glass shades
$13 – zumiez.com

Ray-Ban ray ban shades

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