Unexpected Pops of Lace

Cal Lane Art

 If you are just reading my blog for the first time, I will let you in on a not-so-secret obsession I have: anything textured. {Including lace, slub, tweed, feathers, beading and suede, just to name a few.}  I have recently come across some amazing lace-inset pieces {looovess}, and feel it my duty to share my wealth of finds. Get the above garments here: 1. Berkshire Thigh Highs  2. Pins and Needles Lace Inset Blouse  3. Cynthia Rowley Hand-Cut Lace Top  4. Urban Renewal Lace Inset Denim Shirt  5. Kirra Lace Inset Swing Top  6. Maje Hellish Leather and Lace Top


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One Response to Unexpected Pops of Lace

  1. Melissa says:

    I share your love of texture! Currently stocking up on fuzzy knits and lace dresses!

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