Smack On These Cookies!

Girl Scout cookies sans calories or fat?!  Yes please!

These little slices of heaven may not be sold door-to-door, but they will still be just as delish, believe you me.  The Girl Scouts of America and iconic lip gloss brand, Lip Smacker, have linked up for a sweeeet beauty collaboration with the introduction of Girl Scout Cookie Lip Smackers. MAYJOURR.  The collection includes five flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter, Thin Mints, Trefoils and Coconut Caramel Stripes, all while maintaining the ultra-moisturizing formula of Lip Smackers. YUM!

Girl Scout Cookie Lip Smackers holiday gift set, $5, available at WalMart and Claire’s.


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3 Responses to Smack On These Cookies!

  1. ShoeGalKayla says:

    What a cute idea! I love it! Something about LipSmacker makes me feel nostalgic for my childhood… anyone else feel that way?

  2. That is SO awesome! I wish they had them in Canada!

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