Obsession of the Day: Tropical Storm

Mixed prints are obvs having a moment {stoked}, with mixed & matched bold florals being no exception. #iDIGit

Shop the trend:

1. Etro Flower Print Silk Dress  2. United Bamboo Blazer in Flower Print  3. United Bamboo Pant in Flower Print  4.  OOAK Vintage Embroider My Heart Bag  5. Hobo International Lauren Clutch  6. Nine West Taker Flats  7. Swarm for Anthropologie Brushstrokes Still Life Clutch  8. CC Home Furnishings Eclectic Mixed Patterned Baroque-Inspired Accent Pillow  9. Givenchy Flower Print Sheath Dress  10. Theia Flower Print Dress


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One Response to Obsession of the Day: Tropical Storm

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