Obsession of the Day: Equip Button Downs

Mirroring the menswear trend happening right now, I have been on the look-out for great button downs.  Welllllllll, let’s just say research is showing LA-based label Equipment is killing it with their signature collared shirts.  Above are some of my favorite pieces of theirs, in stores now. Find them here, clockwise from top left: Brett Tie Neck Blouse in Lava,  Signature Blouse in Dusty Coral,  Signature Warp Leopard Print Chiffon Blouse in Denim Multi,  Daddy Paisley Print Blouse in Chocolate Multi,  Signature Blouse in Nature White,  Signature Blouse in Black,  Daddy Chiffon Dot Print in Black/Nude,  Signature Sand Washed Satin Blouse in Concord,  Signature Blouse in Red Ochre,  Signature Blouse in Mustard  


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