Let Your Chain Hang Low.

Close to probably four years ago now, I was browsing stores over in Santa Monica and found a tank that had metal chain stitched into its scoop neckline, creating a fringe-necklace look. After wearing it once, the chain became too heavy for the lightweight slub of the tank, and neckline stretched out, ruining the garment {in my opinion}. Being the craft master that I can occasionally be, I decided to cut the tank away from the neck trim… and then lost it while moving.

After re-discovering this necklace about eight months ago, my love was instantly rekindled, and ever since have been rocking it nonstop like it’s going out of style. True story.

After coming across so many ahhhhh-mazing fringe necklaces recently, I felt it only necessary to share my love via an obsession of the day, considering their cousin is now a staple in my wardrobe. Seriously though- #obsessed.  1. Theodora & Callum Tulum Necklace  2. Vanessa Mooney Little Femme Fatale Fringe Necklace  3. Adia Kibur Long Bar & Chain Necklace  4.  TOPSHOP Fabric Tassel Necklace  5. Theodora & Callum Mamounia Necklace  6. DANNIJO Paola Fringe Necklace  7. Wildfox Couture Antique Gold Fringe Necklace with Bullhead


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