Outfit Inspo: VOLUME

Recently, more days than not, I have found myself gravitating toward over-sized layers while dressing, that could rather easily be mistaken for orthodox homeless trash bag garb {minus the trash bag… }. Ok, so that is a lie- kind of… I do love myself voluminousness layers, that is a FACT. The more volume I pile onto my 5’5″ frame =  the more fun. That being said, through trials and tribulations of layering flowy tops over maxi dresses or skirts, I have found the key to success is all in the belt.  Belt? you say… Yes, that strap of plastic/metal/leather/whathaveyou that wraps around your natural waist. Not only does it create a faux peplum {as graciously exhibited above}, and keeps the waist in check to show there is a body underneath all those wide layers, but belts always seems to magically pull garments together to create an outfit. Am I right or am I right?

Image via stockholm streetsyle.

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