Ceremonial Collection

For those who cringe at the very mention of traditional wedding garb, you are in luck. Online boutique Bona Drag has partnered with indie favorites Mara Hoffman, Pamela Love, Lindsey Thornburg, Samantha Pleet, Anna Sheffield, Meredith Kahn, and more to deliver this appropriately titled capsule, “Ceremonial Collection.”

“”I’ve learned that when buying, a lot of customers take things very literally,” Bona Drag founder Heather Wojner explained. “If it doesn’t say ‘bridal’ then they assume it can’t be just that. I wanted to help show our customers where they can bend the rules, and that they don’t have to be a cookie-cutter bride.”

To that end, the collection is filled with exclusive pieces that are pretty, yes, but also tinged with edge. A ring set from Unearthen, for example, comes adorned with raw quartz, while Anna Sheffield’s solitaires are punctuated with pitch-black diamonds and onyx. Gowns, too, come in unexpected shapes and hues: there’s a dress in gothic black lace from Lover, and Mara Hoffman (who recently designed pal Pamela Love’s wedding dress) offers an intricately-beaded chiffon dress with a neckline so daringly low it would probably be considered quite le scandale in any regular church.

“It’s only natural for my brand to collaborate with Bona Drag on exclusive ceremony gowns,” Lindsey Thornburg — who created two reversible gowns for the collection — explained. “Bona Drag understands what our clientele wants to drape themselves in for all of life’s cherished moments.””

See the entire lookbook — photographed by Wojner and Mike Goelzer — here.  Article via Fashionologie. … and I wasn’t joking about my current obsession with floral crowns. Absolutely smitten.


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