Pretty Awkward

If my life were an editorial spread, it would probably look something very similar to this… complex with rich textures, color luxuriousness fit for a queen, and everything ever so slightly awkward, you don’t know whether to take a step closer to get a better look or take off running the other direction. Ok, so maybe the comparison is a little dramatic, but so are my tastes of what I fancy. One thing is for damn sure though- strap some Louis V on my feet and tease me with a little pattern mash-up and you have my attention all day long. #LOVESit

Publication: Interview Magazine, August 2012
Title: Pretty Awkward
Models: Meghan Collison, Julia Nobis,
Marie Piovesan, Mackenzie Drazan, Laura Kampman,
Georgia Hilmer, and Elena Bartels
Photography: Mikael Jansson
Styling: Karl Templer


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One Response to Pretty Awkward

  1. Fashion-isha says:

    These looks are amazing and so artistic too!

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