Obsession of the Day: Put A Bib On It

I must say I think statement necklaces are my favorite accessory trend of the moment. This trend is nothing new… in fact it has been rather prominent the past few years, but the bib {as in what your mother secured around your neck as a baby} has been calling my name more so than ever for the upcoming season.  I personally like to style mine on top of a button-down shirt or sweater {like in the above examples {found here, here, and here}. Bibs are great though because they are the perfect length to wear with… well… everything. Shop the look:

1. Fiona Paxton Shinko Necklace  2. Blu Bijoux Gold Empress Bib Necklace  3. Shourouk Beaded Phoenix Necklace  4. Ranna Gill Nokha Necklace  5. Sandy Hyun White Bib Necklace  6. Fiona Paxton Coleen Necklace  7. Lulu Frost Gaea Collage Necklace  8.  Kenneth Jay Lane Rocky Road Bib Necklace  9. Ranna Gill Gem Board Necklace  10. Belle Noel Enameled Modernista Necklace  11. Janna Conner Designs Mixed-Media Bib Necklace  12. Karen London Give Me Your Leather Bib Necklace

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