Style Notes: Bottoms Up on Peace & Chic

Although juxtaposed sand-scape backdrops {ie- beach, desert, lake scenes} for Fall editorials have seem to become a dime a dozen these days {but really, is there any disposition in wearing fur on a beach in October if everyone is doing it anyway?}, I am however transfixed with the bottoms in this spread- hence my renaming this editorial to Bottoms Up {look ma, no hands! I’m a creative director now!}.

Being a texture person, these outfits are tickling me pink- from tweed and embellished to corduroy, leather, and velvet, everyone is here to play, and I dig it. Point blank for why I love Fall fashion- it allows for more sophisticated textiles in cooler temperatures.

Publication: Elle France
Issue: #3483 October 2012
Title: Peace & Chic
Model: Edie Campbell
Photography: David Vasiljevic
Styling: Anne-Marie Brouillet
Images found here.

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