Obsession of the Day: Foot Sweaters with Sass

Foot sweaters, aka socks, are funny little things. They are instrumental to cold-weather outfits, yet are overlooked, underestimated, and if loved long enough, usually forego their matching mate to create new combinations. {I am convinced hungry washing machines have something to do with the missing single sock… a phenomenon I still have yet to figure out}. Heck, black socks even have their own song- can any former Girl Scouts of America finish this lyric: “Black socks, they never get dirty… the longer you wear them, the ___ ___ ___.” {How’s that for a Tuesday throwback}.

Sure, there are gold toes, pin stripes and solid-colored socks, but whenever I stumble upon rad graphic socks, I feel like they are so few and far between, I must give them a little extra love. I recently discovered the above 4 pairs by Henrik Vibskov and must say, I am liking what I am seeing {and soon to be wearing}. You can find them here {left to right}:  Helsinki Sock > Lightness Sock > Triangle Sock > Judith Sock

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