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touch screen gloves

I always find it interesting {and I am sure I am not alone} how technology affects what we wear. Case in point? Touch-screen gloves. Not having touch-screen phones in existence up until a few years ago, there was no need to keep hands warm while keeping in touch {literally}.

Now, thanks to technology, not only do we have touch screens, but knitted and leather gloves have started appearing on the Market with harmless little metallic components in the finger tips, allowing you to conduct your body’s natural bioelectricity straight to the screen. Pretty smart glove for a smart phone/tablet, eh? The ironic thing that is rather funny is that come 2022, this post and technology will probably be classified as archaic. True story. Find some of my favorite current picks {above} here: 1. ASOS Touch Screen Gloves  2. Echo Wave Touch Screen Glove  3. Echo Touch Screen Cheetah Bow Glove  4. Echo Design Knit Echo Touch Glove  5. Burberry Jenny Touch Glove  6. Free People Touch Screen Glove  7. LightInTheBox Touch Gloves  8. Blue Crown Marled Touch Screen Gloves

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