2 Years in the Making, and Objectives for 2013

While I started this blog as both a hobby and experiment intending to stay within the realm of fashion exactly two years ago, I cannot believe it has already been two years since conception!  When I birthed ATM, my focus was on styling, shop the look, and How to’s, book reviews, and I was apprehensive/insecure about my writing skills. Now in hindsight, the content of this blog has organically shifted, with a greater emphasis on market research and editing, home and interior design, editorial spotlights, creative inspirations, and -who knew??- creative writing.

The past two months, I have spent a significant amount of time reflecting, both on myself and this blog, and the paths that I am on with both. I must apologize for my recent absence, but reflecting has forced me to step back and assess:  What do I want to do more of, and what do I want to stop? What is working, and where can I improve? What changes need to be made?

Although I have never really been one to make new year resolutions, I do feel as humans we are always moving forward in life, whether it be upward, or down, in conjunction with time. Sure, all these intangible elements are arbitrary, but using personal happiness as the gauge in which to measure them, they seem rather basic and stem from everyday decisions and actions. This all being said, I like to create ‘larger-picture’ objectives, that I feel will move me in an upward motion, every so often. Some of the THINGS I would like to aim for, and directions I would like to head in the new year, beyond the usual eating more greens and staying physically active, include:

Take more time for myself, and spend more time with the ones I love; add more personal and everyday touches to each blog entry; stop picking my nails; read more; practice and exercise more creative writing; stop comparing myself and my work with others {because others have different strengths than I, and vice versa}; cook more; spend more time outdoors; travel more; get back into graphic design; attend more industry and networking events; don’t go more than five months without a hair trim; never settle; wear sunscreen everyday; seize every day to the fullest.

Whatever makes you tick, happy, and healthy, I hope only the best for you, and cannot express nearly how thankful and humbled I am for your love and continued support.


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One Response to 2 Years in the Making, and Objectives for 2013

  1. Frederic says:

    I like your website and definitely think it should be entered in to some site contests.
    I will be nominating this website for an award!

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