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I’ve been vibe-ing on textile prints A LOT lately, so when I stopped by a local apothecary last week to pick up a gift for a friend, the packaging on some of the products stopped me in my steps. Aside from swooning over the indulgent scents, I found myself most excited with all the prints and patterns used to package the merchandise. After finding what I went to the store for in the first place, I may or may not have purchased a soap or two, based on packaging alone, with no intention of actually ever unwrapping the wax seal, satin ribbon, and hand-painted paper. Can you blame me?  

Clockwise from top left: Lucia Blue Lotus and Sicilian Orange Candle  >>  Pacifica Natural Soap Bar, Persian Rose  >>  Claus Porto Classico Soap Bar, Lilane Lavender  >>  Belladonna MOR Cosmetics Emporium White Soap Bar  >>  Uptown Soap Co. Mosaics Liquid Soap, Sugar Lily

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