Back at it


To begin with the obvious, I have not blogged in a year. While I never intended to stop blogging 12 months ago, my life (and by life I mean career and lifestyle) made a dramatic shift at the beginning of 2014.  I quit my full-time job at the end of December 2013 (goodbye regular pay check and relative financial stability) and took a leap of faith, scratching an entrepreneurial itch to go out on my own professionally at the beginning of January 2014.

For anyone else who is self-employed, they can affirm it is scary in the beginning, yet extremely rewarding once you get the figurative ball rolling.  I’ll admit it- at first I took any job that I could get, mainly out of fear of failing. As time progressed though, different jobs and situations made me reflect upon myself in ways I never thought business would; getting down to my core and really assessing my likes/dislikes + strengths/weaknesses. Although this sounds counterintuitive and ass-backward, it was not so much due to a lack of planning as it was forcing me to fine tune the direction I want to fly.

In Drake’s Lord Knows, a few of Rick Ross’s lines really resonate with where I am today:

“I fell in love with the pen, started fucking the ink
The hustle’s an art, I painted what I would think
Still allergic to broke, prescription straight to the paper”

This all being said, I have missed this silly little creative outlet, and in the pursuit of writing and happiness, I have made a conscious decision to begin blogging again. The content is going to change slightly, but I hope you find ATM even more intriguing and thought provoking than before.  Thanks for your continued support, and I invite you check back on the regular as I share insights on being a twenty-something living, working, and playing in Los Angeles.

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