Death to Worst Dressed Lists

I have never liked “worst dressed lists” or T.V. shows that “police” fashion for more reasons than I have fingers to count on. I find them crude, contradictory, and typically judged and delivered by people who have zero qualifications to do so.

Last week’s doozy of ignorant comments made by a professional teleprompter reader, whom does not even dress herself when on air (this I know for a fact- I am acquainted with her stylist), left me, along with what seemed like most of the rest of the country, seething. It was not so much that I was offended by the actual comments made, but it was a tipping point for us all to say- enough is enough.

I am not going to tear anyone apart in this post, because that would be hypocritical. Rather, I am going to articulate my case against why we should ban any such shows and lists who bring people (especially women) down, in three short points:

1. Fashion is subjective.  During award season every year, it seems that certain dresses and looks will appear on one person’s best dressed list, and the next person’s worst dressed round up. Case in point: When I fist saw Zendaya on the red carpet, I thought her look head to toe was flawless. Same with Anna Kendrick‘s gown color- although I thought she played it safe with a classic silhouette, the color worked perfectly with hair and skin tone (and I have a feeling Edith Head would agree). For someone (with the initials of KK) who also uses a stylist to get dressed almost regularly, and has openly talked about dressing around her ‘predominate’ camel toe, how does that provide a justification for judging others?

2.  Lists and panels like these are smothering sartorial experimentation. Not that artists, actresses, and influencers should be paying attention to what unqualified people are saying, but I do feel we have seen more “safe” choices in the past recent years. Why not give women the liberty to try a new look, or spotlight a new designer whose designs are not mainstream? Fashion should be fun and open to risks.

3. In an age where we are trying to bring social, political, and economic equality to women, these lists are, in my opinion, counterproductive. We need to be supporting each other, not making fun in the hopes of getting better ratings or selling an extra couple magazines.

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