Jet Set Hair


I am going to be racking up quite a few frequent flier miles in the upcoming months (birthdays! graduations! bachelorette parties!), and while the numerous changes of scenery are excitedly welcomed, my hair does not typically share my excitement when it comes to changes in climate. No matter how long I spend blowing out my tresses, smoothing the frizz with serums, or coiffing the crown of my head with a little help from a teasing brush and dabble of hair spray, it always seems to fall flat (does anyone else have this problem??).

Instead of fighting what seems to be the inevitable, I am planning on keeping my hair routine simple with messy buns (less time in the bathroom < more time to play = win win). These ladies have done the bun justice (from low and messy to high and tight), and with a little bronzer and blush in the right places, I think rediscovered cheek bones may be my newest accessory.  Dig?


blond_low_messy_hair_bun_allthingsmajor messy_hair_bun_allthingsmajor high_messy_bun_hair_allthingsmajor


 All images found here.

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