My Little Karl

For anyone who was a child of the 90s {such as myself} and played with My Little Ponies half as much as I did, this is quite the noteworthy throwback to a time of rainbows and unicorns {but actually}. Not to mention, this is the chicest toy I have coveted since meeting Sydney Opera House Barbie last year while down under.

“Karl Lagerfeld is known for being an eclectic innovator in an array of fields; he’s even taken over the pony world with the ‘My Little Karl’ sculpture by Mari Kasurien.  The German artist creates sculptures that are inspired by various pop culture icons, including My Little Gaga, My Little Ziggy Stardust, My Little Mad Hatter and My Little Frida Kalho. She has recently gone on to make a version of Karl Lagerfeld to add to her repertoire of famous pony depictions.” – TH.

After laying eyes on this little pony, I am ready for some grown up playtime. Here is more of Kasurien’s work:

Images via TH.

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